Wiggity Wig Wednesday


I got my wig for Levy McGarden from Fairy Tail about a week and a half ago, and it’s time I talk about it.  I’ve got good stuffs to say.

Aww, look at my sleepy eyes.  I was so excited about this wig I took the picture 10 minutes after rolling out of bed.

The wig is the Ferrari style from Arda Wigs, in the color Royal.  I’m in love with the fibers and how easy it is to comb even with the curls.  It’s thick, so I can do a lot with it.

My only two complaints are the size and color.  The wig is a bit on the large size and I’ve recently found that my head is kind of smaller than the average size.   Now, the wig clips do a good job at holding it in place on my head but I can still feel some of the looseness.

As for the color, well I didn’t realize that it was a mixed color.  In the photo it looks straight up blue but in person it’s got little bits of periwinkle and purple.  Thankfully it’s not hugely noticeable and will still work with Levy, but it was still a little blargh.  Arda Wigs is a fantastic place to get wigs, but if you need a specific color without any other colors mixed in, I would  definitely ask them what they look like.

Other than that, I have no beef with this wig and am in love with it~

My next post prooobably won’t be until after Sugoicon, and I will do a bit of con review/spotlighting/talking about Artist Alley.


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