Hi There!

Hello there everybody! Arianna Sterling here.

Some of you probably know me already from my blog Otaku Life: Anime Review, where I ramble about whether things were good or not and also seem to swear too much for my own good these days. I’ve been running that blog for nearly a year now (it really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long) and finally I suggested to my family that we start up a group cosplay blog. Obviously, the idea went over pretty well, because hey, here I am at Dysfunctional Cosplay!

But anyway, about me for anyone who hasn’t met me before…

I watch too much anime. Seriously. I have a 150 Anime Challenge going on this year and am keeping up with 23 currently airing series. I try to go to as many cons as humanly possible. Apparently I act like a mom, which probably explains why I’m the mother of the family. I have a strange love of fire, and a severe hatred of the Twilight Saga. I write a lot of queer YA fiction and dream of writing for a living.

Also, I really need to stop adding to my cosplay list.


Welcome to the Family

Once Upon a Time, in a Land Far Far Away, known only as the Ohayocon Forums, something strange and new was born.

On a shining afternoon, a virtuous, innocent otaku maiden asked the friendly population for cosplay suggestions. A young, uberly tall knight rode in, suggesting the maiden cosplay a golden haired brute. The maiden packed up her belongings (consisting of a few raspberries and rainbow-colored string) and moved to the village of Durarara!!.

The village soon blossomed, with many new friends joining together. There was the maiden and the knight, a giggly llama and many others. Together, they worked hard to make their home prosper.

After they had spent many days tilling the fields and having fun together, the giggly llama made a shocking discovery. Truthfully, they were all related! There were parents, and children, and even an aunt they found wandering in from time to time! They were so overwhelmed and excited by this realization that they threw all of their energy into building and turned Durarara!! into a sprawling modern metropolis.

Once the city was up and running, the dysfunctional family found that it may have become too large for its home and began to search for a new place to live. Soon, they all discovered a new land called Skype, where they could all fit comfortably and still have room for adoptions.

The family expanded further still, bringing in pets and more children, and to this day the kind-hearted family doesn’t turn anyone down. All you have to do is pass a 300 question calculus exam and—just kidding! All you have to do is say hello!

Still, the family knew it could never be satisfied with containing its insanity in its home and so they spread out to a cosplay blog for your entertainment…