Wiggity Wig Wednesday


I got my wig for Levy McGarden from Fairy Tail about a week and a half ago, and it’s time I talk about it.  I’ve got good stuffs to say.

Aww, look at my sleepy eyes.  I was so excited about this wig I took the picture 10 minutes after rolling out of bed.

The wig is the Ferrari style from Arda Wigs, in the color Royal.  I’m in love with the fibers and how easy it is to comb even with the curls.  It’s thick, so I can do a lot with it.

My only two complaints are the size and color.  The wig is a bit on the large size and I’ve recently found that my head is kind of smaller than the average size.   Now, the wig clips do a good job at holding it in place on my head but I can still feel some of the looseness.

As for the color, well I didn’t realize that it was a mixed color.  In the photo it looks straight up blue but in person it’s got little bits of periwinkle and purple.  Thankfully it’s not hugely noticeable and will still work with Levy, but it was still a little blargh.  Arda Wigs is a fantastic place to get wigs, but if you need a specific color without any other colors mixed in, I would  definitely ask them what they look like.

Other than that, I have no beef with this wig and am in love with it~

My next post prooobably won’t be until after Sugoicon, and I will do a bit of con review/spotlighting/talking about Artist Alley.


Flippy-Flopping Days

So today I totally mixed up Tutorial Tuesday with Con Thursday, oops.  Have a tutorial~!  I can bore you with reminiscing next Thursday.

It is a well-known fact with my friends that I have something I call the cosplay bible.

I don’t think this blog can handle it yet, but maybe one day.

What is my cosplay bible?  Well, it’s a site devoted to  cosplay tutorials and sewing basics ranging everywhere from wigs, shoes, props, full costumes, even down to posing and photography.

In this particular Tutorial Thursday, I’ve decided to show you a very helpful tutorial that I actually plan on using in the future, and at the end I’ll show some pictures of characters it could possibly be useful for~


This is the Cheater’s Guide to Pigtails, created by ladythesta on Deviant Art.

I consider this tutorial to be fantastic because it’s a money-saving way to get accurate pigtails for certain characters.  Ponytail clips seem to be quite popular nowadays, even I have one, but there are some characters where it’s not quite accurate to have such voluminous pigtails.  I’m not saying you couldn’t/shouldn’t use them, but for the nitpicky person I can be, I’d sometimes just prefer this.

Now, I promised examples so here are characters who have thin ponytails where using clip-ons may not cut it or provide the same effect.

Princess Yue from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Maka from Soul Eater

Triela from Gunslinger Girl

Piddly Progress Monday!

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I have a problem.  I start tons of mini-projects for cosplay and then allow my attention span to fizzle out.  But hey, each time I get a little better at not procrastinating.

Made obvious by the title, this is my progress for just a few of my future cosplays! C: (Be warned: Thar be lots’a pictures)

Focus on my neck, not my derpy :I face.

This here is the start to my collar/necklace/thing for Anemone from Eureka Seven and Fish Girl from Star Driver.  An awesome sauce cosplayer told me that these could easily be made with vinyl tubing from the hardware store and just a bit of spray paint.

Said vinyl tubing after it has been painted. Looks a lot better on me, teehee.

Next up I’ve got super minimal progress for Levy McGarden from Fairy Tail.  I’ve discovered recently that, hey, I have the tights and boots that can be modified.  That’s practically 20% of the cosplay!

Boots and tights, yay! : D

 As you can see, I’ve already done a tiny bit of painting on this boot, more as a test.  I’m not all that pleased so far, it looks like it’s going to take a lot of paint.  Ick.

Bring it on, The Pebble!

 This awkward lump of wig is me getting my feet wet as I experiment how I will create Toph’s wig.  Now if only I could make everything else I need for her.

And that’s all for now!  So, like I said, it’s piddly progress. x] School has eaten up my time and hopes of spending a lot of concentration on something awesome.

Informal Greeting

Loving love, all the time.

Hello there, new readers!  My name is Jessi.  Or Jessily-One, or Llama, or Nessa, or Bloo, or… It goes on a little bit.  In our lovely family I am the shortest and fourth youngest, even though I feel quite old.

My hobbies include cosplay, music hunting, smiling, laughing, finding puns, and falling.  A lot.  Llamas and giraffes make me happy, I couldn’t be happier in the cold winter weather, and my bed looks like a bird’s nest made with blankets and pillows.  Simple pleasures of life, that’s all I want.