Progress Monday…Ashuree Style.

Well I really have nothing that I’ve been working on. The only thing I really have to report on is that I’m going through with a new steampunk outfit and Belle’s ballgown. Both are going to be uber expensive but I’m determinded!

I got some awesome tips fro drafting my own skirts and making custom corsets. The lady at the Ren Faire told me that when she used to make corsets for herself she would put on an old beater and have a friend duct tape around her until they got the shape they wanted. Then they’d cut it up the back and use that as a pattern. She also told me that when using steel boning always dip the ends in wax so that you don’t rip your fabric.

When doing a huge princess skirt to put over a hoop skirt make sure that no matter what when you lay the skirt out flat it is a full circle. It will look way better that way.

So as of right now I’m pricing things out and looking for possible fabrics. I also need to fix my machine and let my grandma know that the next few months of our lives are going to be stressfully awesome.


こんばんわ!私輪 アシュリ です!!!

Hello everybody! I am Ashley! I am 19 the newest member of this group. I joined less than a month ago when Jessi introduced me to everyone!

I enjoy the Japanese Culture as a whole and love studying it. I am currently in JPN101 at my university so please excuse my mistakes. I’m still learning. I like cosplaying weird quirky characters because I feel like I can portray them the best since I am, weird and quirky. I don’t care about gender or how much clothing they have on (even though my parents do. lol) and I try to make or modify everything I wear. I have only bought 1 of my cosplays because at the time I wasn’t confident in my sewing skills. Over the years I have cosplayed 13 characters and I am about to add a 14th this weekend!

I am into a little bit of everything when it comes to anime and manga so if you are interested in chatting it up I love random messages!