This is Madness!


Ahem… anyway, my name is Len and I am the family shota/puppy/sewing slave and I am the youngest member of the family at 13.  You can also call me Lenjamin or Lenjamin Lemur. Other than cosplaying and going to conventions I enjoy sewing, playing video games, crafting, watching anime, spending money (which I curse myself for), teaching people new things, yaoi, and cereal. I am a huge fan of the video games Portal and Fable, and the anime Shiki, which isn’t very well known.

When it comes to cosplay, I love cosplaying braty shotas and catty girls. I’m not sure why, but characters that fit this decription always strike a chord with me. This year I will be cosplaying Chell and GLaDOS from Portal, Tohru Mutou from Shiki, Kyouko Sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Masaomi Kida from Durarara!! (since everyone in the family needs a DRRR!! cosplay.). Pictures of mein progress will be posted soon.

Money? What money?


Lazy whores

My face when we have two new members who have not made their introductory posts yet.

Get to it you lazy whores!!

No one has been keeping track of this blog. FFFFFF-

Where is everyone?

Oh wait, I know! They’re all at MatsuriCon!

All my tears.

Yup. Everyone is at MatsuriCon, except for me. Because they hate me!

…. No I’m totally kidding; you really think I can afford six conventions a year? Pftt I’m not made of money! But this weekend I will be all alone, leaving the house only to work. (My parents are hermits and my sister just got her wisdom teeth removed.)

But that’s okay because I have the internet!

I was promised to be text at said convention by Ari.

Oh dear God I’m like the clingy little sister of the family.

…. Shit.

こんばんわ!私輪 アシュリ です!!!

Hello everybody! I am Ashley! I am 19 the newest member of this group. I joined less than a month ago when Jessi introduced me to everyone!

I enjoy the Japanese Culture as a whole and love studying it. I am currently in JPN101 at my university so please excuse my mistakes. I’m still learning. I like cosplaying weird quirky characters because I feel like I can portray them the best since I am, weird and quirky. I don’t care about gender or how much clothing they have on (even though my parents do. lol) and I try to make or modify everything I wear. I have only bought 1 of my cosplays because at the time I wasn’t confident in my sewing skills. Over the years I have cosplayed 13 characters and I am about to add a 14th this weekend!

I am into a little bit of everything when it comes to anime and manga so if you are interested in chatting it up I love random messages!


Informal Greeting

Loving love, all the time.

Hello there, new readers!  My name is Jessi.  Or Jessily-One, or Llama, or Nessa, or Bloo, or… It goes on a little bit.  In our lovely family I am the shortest and fourth youngest, even though I feel quite old.

My hobbies include cosplay, music hunting, smiling, laughing, finding puns, and falling.  A lot.  Llamas and giraffes make me happy, I couldn’t be happier in the cold winter weather, and my bed looks like a bird’s nest made with blankets and pillows.  Simple pleasures of life, that’s all I want.

Hi There!

Hello there everybody! Arianna Sterling here.

Some of you probably know me already from my blog Otaku Life: Anime Review, where I ramble about whether things were good or not and also seem to swear too much for my own good these days. I’ve been running that blog for nearly a year now (it really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long) and finally I suggested to my family that we start up a group cosplay blog. Obviously, the idea went over pretty well, because hey, here I am at Dysfunctional Cosplay!

But anyway, about me for anyone who hasn’t met me before…

I watch too much anime. Seriously. I have a 150 Anime Challenge going on this year and am keeping up with 23 currently airing series. I try to go to as many cons as humanly possible. Apparently I act like a mom, which probably explains why I’m the mother of the family. I have a strange love of fire, and a severe hatred of the Twilight Saga. I write a lot of queer YA fiction and dream of writing for a living.

Also, I really need to stop adding to my cosplay list.


The newest fashion craze; wearing sunglasses in the dead of night.

I am Emmy! I’m one of the youngest members of this here group at age sixteen- but I don’t mind at all! I like cosplaying as girls for the most part; I have to really like a character to cosplay as a boy. (And even then usually I won’t do it.) I typically don’t sew my costumes. I lack the creative gene to do it. I’m also just lazy. So usually another member of this group or someone I commission from will make it for me!

           My favorite part of cosplay is the wigs. Wigs are seriously sometimes the reason why I will even cosplay a certain character! I’m still fairly new to this hobby, but I’m pretty good with tips and tricks on wigs!

I hope to learn more and build my knowledge on cosplay!

Other than cosplay, I like Steampunk, Lolita, anime, manga, reading, sleeping, and learning. And I love history.

I love being nerdy.

I’m very indecisive when it comes to picking characters to cosplay as… For now my list is Asuka from Evangelion, Megumi from Shiki, and Charlotte from Madoka. May or may not try to get a Drrr!! cosplay going.

I haven’t started on any of these.

>mfw I don’t give a single fuck

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