Hi There!

Hello there everybody! Arianna Sterling here.

Some of you probably know me already from my blog Otaku Life: Anime Review, where I ramble about whether things were good or not and also seem to swear too much for my own good these days. I’ve been running that blog for nearly a year now (it really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long) and finally I suggested to my family that we start up a group cosplay blog. Obviously, the idea went over pretty well, because hey, here I am at Dysfunctional Cosplay!

But anyway, about me for anyone who hasn’t met me before…

I watch too much anime. Seriously. I have a 150 Anime Challenge going on this year and am keeping up with 23 currently airing series. I try to go to as many cons as humanly possible. Apparently I act like a mom, which probably explains why I’m the mother of the family. I have a strange love of fire, and a severe hatred of the Twilight Saga. I write a lot of queer YA fiction and dream of writing for a living.

Also, I really need to stop adding to my cosplay list.