Flippy-Flopping Days

So today I totally mixed up Tutorial Tuesday with Con Thursday, oops.  Have a tutorial~!  I can bore you with reminiscing next Thursday.

It is a well-known fact with my friends that I have something I call the cosplay bible.

I don’t think this blog can handle it yet, but maybe one day.

What is my cosplay bible?  Well, it’s a site devoted to  cosplay tutorials and sewing basics ranging everywhere from wigs, shoes, props, full costumes, even down to posing and photography.

In this particular Tutorial Thursday, I’ve decided to show you a very helpful tutorial that I actually plan on using in the future, and at the end I’ll show some pictures of characters it could possibly be useful for~


This is the Cheater’s Guide to Pigtails, created by ladythesta on Deviant Art.

I consider this tutorial to be fantastic because it’s a money-saving way to get accurate pigtails for certain characters.  Ponytail clips seem to be quite popular nowadays, even I have one, but there are some characters where it’s not quite accurate to have such voluminous pigtails.  I’m not saying you couldn’t/shouldn’t use them, but for the nitpicky person I can be, I’d sometimes just prefer this.

Now, I promised examples so here are characters who have thin ponytails where using clip-ons may not cut it or provide the same effect.

Princess Yue from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Maka from Soul Eater

Triela from Gunslinger Girl